• How do I register to receive job alerts?

    Visit careers.tauranga.govt.nz to register your interest in receiving job alerts directly from us.

  • How do I apply?

    Visit careers.tauranga.govt.nz and apply online for a specific vacancy or to keep up to date with what's new.

    Every application must be accompanied by a covering letter and curriculum vitae.

    Your Curriculum Vitae should detail:

    • Full name.
    • Residential address.
    • Contact telephone number.
    • Full details of all education and academic qualifications and any specialised training.
    • Immigration status including work permit and passport details and country of origin. (You may be asked to bring copies of your passport to an interview.)
    • Drivers licence details including what classes. (You may be asked to bring copies of your drivers licence to an interview.)
    • Details of present and previous employment.
    • Interests and involvement in activities other than those associated with employment.
    • The names and contact details of a minimum of two referees. If you do not have two referees confirmed, it is okay to state 'available on request' and provide these to us at a later time in the recruitment process.
    • Such other information that might assist in determining your suitability for the advertised vacancy.

    Your Cover Letter should include:

    • Why you are applying for the position
    • An overview of the skills and experience you have that specifically meet the requirements of the position
  • What is the best way to submit my application?

    Visit our careers webpage at careers.tauranga.govt.nz to apply for any vacancy. All acknowledgements will be via email.

  • What happens if I don't have a computer?

    There is computer access at Tauranga City Library and all community libraries. If you are still unable to send your application electronically please contact us at: careers@tauranga.govt.nz

  • What should I include in my application?

    A covering letter and CV is sufficient. If we do require additional information, this will be outlined during the application process. You may also be asked to provide a copy of your drivers licence or passport.

  • What happens once I submit an application?

    You will immediately receive an email acknowledging that we received your application. If you do not receive this, please contact us at careers@tauranga.govt.nz or by calling (+64 7) 577 7000

  • What time does my application need to be submitted by on the closing date of an advertisement?

    All of our advertisements close at 11:59pm on the closing date.

  • How are applications short-listed?

    The recruiting manager responsible for the position will check that your application meets the position criteria - skills, experience, qualifications and competencies required to carry out the role. If the application meets the criteria then it will be placed on the shortlist of potential candidates.

  • What is involved in the interview process?

    If you are short-listed for an interview you will be contacted by the recruiting manager to arrange the details. You will be asked to attend an interview with a panel - usually the manager who the position reports to and two others. This process may include a personality profile questionnaire, ability tests and possibly a practical test related specifically to the position you have applied for.

    This process can take from a few days to a couple of weeks from the time a shortlist is developed, depending on candidate and panel availability.

  • The interview style

    We use a competency-based approach when interviewing candidates. The interview questions are designed to help us determine how well you have demonstrated the required competencies of the position in your past and current employment.

    To prepare for the interview, refer to the competencies set out in the advertisement and position description. This will help you in referring to actual examples and relevant situations from previous roles, volunteer work, school, hobbies and other parts of your life if relevant. It's best to think in advance of at least one example to illustrate each competency and when responding to the questions during the interview, be specific and detailed in your answers.

    Like anything, there is a skill to answering questions well. If using a structure helps you remember things, you could try using the 'STAR' format:

    S - situation - what you were faced with
    T - task - what you needed to accomplish
    A - action - what you did to tackle the problem
    R - result - what happened as a result of your actions

  • The interview process

    • The interview will be held by a panel of two or three people
    • If you can't make your appointment or will be late, please contact us on (+64 7) 577 7000
    • Please bring any required documents to the interview
    • Tauranga City Council treats all information during the interview process as confidential - this includes your CV, interview transcripts and reference checks. If a candidate is unsuccessful with their application, these documents will be securely destroyed
    • If any special requirements are needed to enable you to attend the interview, please ensure you let us know prior to the interview
  • Interview tips

    • Try to refer to examples from the past two years where possible when answering competency-based questions
    • It's fine to spend a moment thinking of an example before you start answering the question, or ask the interviewer to explain a question differently if you don't understand
    • Pay close attention to your interviewer's working style during the interview, i.e. if they are probing for more detail, give it or if they are hurrying you along, shorten your responses
    • Lastly, it always helps to demonstrate you know about the organisation, so take the time getting to know us and the services we provide. You can do this by researching our website. If you want to know more about us, bring some questions of your own.
  • Where are the interviews held?

    Usually, at the Council Offices on Willow Street in Tauranga. They are sometimes held at other sites depending on where the vacancy is for. We will confirm these details with you if you are invited for an interview.

  • What happens after the interview?

    If you have completed assessment as part of the recruitment process, you will be provided with feedback by our HR Team (if this was not done on the day of the interview). This feedback will be provided along with any test results to the panel who interviewed you to assist them in their decision making.

    The recruiting manager will contact your referees for further information about you if you are one of the preferred candidates.

    If you are successful, then an offer of employment will be made which is also subject to us undertaking pre employment checks before starting with the Council.

    If you have been shortlisted and interviewed for a position and are unsuccessful, the recruiting manager will call you to discuss the outcome. If you have not been shortlisted, you will be notified via email.

  • Can I provide my references after my interview?

    Yes - the panel normally asks if they can contact your referees and will ask for the details if they have not already been provided.

  • Offer of employment

    On completion of the recruitment and selection process, a verbal offer will be made to the successful candidate. Following discussion, the successful candidate will receive a formal offer of employment in writing. The offer is subject to the right to work and live in New Zealand and to appropriate pre-employment checks. Candidates may seek independent advice prior to accepting the offer.

Information about the Vulnerable Children's Act 2014

See more at: http://www.tauranga.govt.nz/our-council/the-organisation/working-at-tcc/faqs.aspx

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